“You are the BEST!!! We could not have pulled it off as smoothly without you… your dedication and professionalism were evident in the outcome - we could not have asked for more.” – Carmen & Jim

Dreams on a Dime Events & Weddings

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"You were a saint and a beacon of patience and calmness during what is supposed to be an incredibly trying day -- in fact, we both felt deeply grateful to be able to sit and enjoy it ourselves, thanks to your kind, thoughtful support. You were a blast. I can't believe how wonderfully everything went last night! Thank you, thank you, thank you." - Nathalie & Mark

"We feel so lucky to have worked with you -- you really made everything come together and kept us laughing and calm the whole time." - Becca & Justin

"It is all about hope, kindness and a connection to one another" - Elizabeth Taylor

"We are so grateful to have found you.  You made everything so perfect.  Thank you for everything." - Angela & Patrizio

 "Appreciation is a wonderful thing: 

It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well" - Voltaire

If you are a venue or vendor seeking or sharing information, please do not contact us via the below form;

instead, email us at info@dreamsonadime.com

"Thank you SO much for making our wedding so fun and special for us. You were truly awesome--you made it all happen!! I've never been to a better party in my life." - Michelle & Angus

“Thank you for helping us have an amazing day.  Because of you we did not worry about a thing. - Hieu & Justin

"Big hug! And thank you for being a part of our day and journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You were a humongous part of making the day happen, and therefore a part of our wedding memories." - Audrey & Jacques

Thank you for your interest in Dreams on a Dime Events & Weddings! 

Office consultations are by appointment and only during office hours:  Tuesday - Friday, 10 AM - 7 PM

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"We are so grateful for your help in our wonderful wedding celebration - it was so fun & memorable and we're still hearing compliments from our guests months later! - Jessica & Sam

"You are our favorite wedding planner of all time! We only wish you were a whole life planner as well." - Beth & Ian

"I cannot begin to thank you enough for all your work to make sure that our wedding day went smoothly. - Irina & Mike

Our greatest reward ...

"Thank you so much for being a huge part of our special day.  The best decision we made was to hire you. - Mary & Steven

"Our most sincere gratitude and appreciation to you for participating and sharing this most joyous and significant event with us. Thanks a million for your generous support and most kind assistance. We will always remember and cherish this memorable day forever." - Lily & Paul

“What an amazing day that turned out so much better than we ever could have imagined!!  You took all of our ideas and turned it into our dream day." - Becca & Al

"Thank you so much for helping make our wedding such a special day.  I honestly don't know what we would have done without you. - Mike & Blair

"We cannot thank you enough for making our day such an incredible success ... It really was the most fun we've ever day." - Megan & Will

"We can't thank you enough for your diligence, calmness under pressure, and your natural ability to fix things on the fly. " - Jeanine & Darren

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